Care Packages
Supply drop incoming! These drops will contain high-quality loot and only spawn once every few hours, so be sure to gather your gang together so that you can rummage through before anyone else gets to it!


When a care package drops, it will display the coordinates in the chat for all to see. The package will fall for about 20 seconds or so before landing.


Once landed, the coordinates will be displayed once more and the crate will be up for grabs! For the first 5 minutes, TNT will be raining in a large radius around the package as both a deterrent to those attempting to loot and a sign for any of those unaware that a package has landed nearby.

Before you are able to loot, though, you will have to unlock the crate! As you unlock it, the panes will become green. Keep in mind though that if you are interrupted by being shot or knocked away, you will have to start the unlocking process from scratch. Make sure to have someone defend you if you aren't able to take on everyone yourself!

After 15 minutes, the care package will self destruct. Before doing so it will display messages in the chat warning everyone. Race to the coordinates before it despawns!

Want to gamble, but the Casino isn't risky enough for you? Coinflip is now on the server! Type /coinflip to open the GUI, where you will see all available coinflips placed by other players. To create your own, click the green glass pane and choose how much you would like to wager, and whether you'd like heads or tails. When someone challenges you, the GUI will be brought back up and will randomly choose the winner. Good luck!

Now all the other players can know how cool you are, too! We have added leaderboards for displaying some player stats, although this is mainly for bragging rights. The top 3 players in Kills, Kill Streaks, and KDR will be displayed on a leaderboard at spawn for all to see. There is also a section for Top Gang Kills to show everyone how fearsome your gang is!

Kill Cam
Ever hate how you can instantly respawn and try to get fast revenge on the person who killed you? Then we have just the thing for you! Introducing Kill Cams! Every time you die, you will enter the Kill Cam where you will be forced to watch the player that killed you run around for a couple of seconds. This could be useful to tell where the player is heading, or just to rub it in your face that you died!

We have also slightly increased the view distance on our servers, so you can spot enemies from slightly further away now. Thank you all for your support, and we hope you enjoy!
Remove Wanted Level
Wanting to get rid of the cops on your tail every time you kill someone, but not wanting to die to reset your stars? Tired of having 30 cops play hacky sack with your body? We've finally added a way to remove your wanted level and get rid of the hassle! To do so, simply visit the Police Station at spawn and speak with Officer Ken, who will remove your wanted level... for a price.

Selling Armor
Most players will gather more armor than they know what to do with in a pretty short amount of time from looting. Col. Jenkins has just recently started exchanging your brand new armor for his pocket change! Isn't that a great deal?

We have also been working diligently to patch up any of the bugs that have been spotted over the past week. Below is a list of all bug fixes:

  • "Risk it all" in the Casino no longer tells you that you have an invalid amount of cash
  • Issues with purchasing vouchers at spawn with a full inventory
  • Can no longer purchase a house if you are not the required level
  • /hat with your cellphone no longer works

We also have a Halloween Sale going on until October 30th, so take advantage of that while you can!