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Mar 16, 2018 at 8:06 AM
Jul 11, 2017
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Apr 10, 1998 (Age: 19)


Administrator, Male, 19


In case nobody noticed, staff applications are up! Please note that both Skype and Discord are required, don't apply if you don't have both. Oct 13, 2017

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Mar 16, 2018 at 8:06 AM
    1. LinuxOmni
    2. SirParka
      The rarest of the species, the Deci proves to be the hardest to find. The creature likes (doesn't like?) working on support tickets, and also fixing players' items. The Deci is somewhat hard to trap, as the creature is highly evasive. Be careful explorers, if you find a wild Deci, stay calm and contact me or animal control immediately.
    3. Polarch
      Hi Deci, I've been talking to Bblue and Kay. I lost my lunar staff when I logged in yesterday. I sent screenshots to bblue, is there anything you can do?
    4. SirParka
      Thanks for fixing the spawn issue.
      1. BBlue, june appeal two and Andrxia like this.
    5. KevKev360
      Hey Deci I've beed banned for chargeback and I didn't do it on purpose please help me my user is KevKev360
    6. Bub_Dood
      Yo I bought a prospect rank and a Lunar Staff from the store and I haven't gotten them yet, please help me im getting realy mad at this server espicaly if you guys want to take my money
    7. Tuzi
    8. wizardjosiah
      honest_raptor scammed me for a lot of money i geuss he wasnt very honest when he did but he also use a lot of prohibited language and he also admited to scamming many times.
    9. Zombiekiller43
      Deci I got banned for Supposably Irl Scamming Witch I didn't. So here Is what happened. I said I would Buy a guy homie rank but he gave me the stuff first so I took it so thats his fault right check the video he made where in that video did someone use real money to buy something. Please Unban me my In Game user name is zombiekiller43
    10. llecrozar
      Does deci reply to comments on his profile?
    11. FlamingSekai
      Deci do u even care abt the server
    12. Trunted
      "In case nobody noticed staff applications are up but I'm going to deny Trunted by going off grid for a month"
    13. BreadKing
      Please i would like some help, i was banned for chargeback. Which i a currently confused about. I submitted a appeal
    14. BeachTowel
      Even though you don't drop cheatcode trial tokens, he still did something that was against the rules and im kinda pissed about it. I don't necessarily want him to be banned. But he should definitely have a punishment
    15. BeachTowel
      He cancelled the trade then shot and killed him claiming it was his "home." Although I do not have footage of that, I do have footage of him being scammed. If you can please contact me through messaging me or talking to me ingame, if you bump into me. My ingame name is BeachTowel_X
    16. BeachTowel
      Hey, my friend was recently scammed for a cheatcode trial thingy and I have the footage of it is there anything you guys can do? I am gladly willing to show the footage. The trade was that my friend (Minhan2601) would give NoHaxJustDrake, a cheatcode trial token and 4.1k for an HK-417 (tier 5 assault rifle).
    17. dhc124
      Hey im a mobster and i dont have a model 11 could i maybe have one my ingame name is dhc124 pls msg me
    18. MrSwagger
      Hey can you private message me I have a few questions I need to ask you. Thank you!
    19. Ccuubbss
      Anyways, hope you can patch this, I don't know whether or not this could give an advantage to players or not, but I believe I have found an edge you can look off of, if you hang over you could snipe people without them knowing or seeing you. Thanks, please don't ban me I'm just letting you know!!! PS: Love that profile pic!!!
    20. Ccuubbss
      Hi, I have found a glitch on the GtaMc Server!!! I walked into the portal to the wz and it spawned me on what looks like a layer of barriers above the map, just wanted to let you know, I have screenshots if you want.
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    Apr 10, 1998 (Age: 19)