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Jul 11, 2017
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Apr 10, 1998 (Age: 19)


Administrator, Male, 19


In case nobody noticed, staff applications are up! Please note that both Skype and Discord are required, don't apply if you don't have both. Oct 13, 2017

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Jan 17, 2018 at 8:18 PM
    1. hr_monkey
      how do i apply????? pls i rlly need to know
      1. Northwind
        You wont get in based on your spelling alone
        Nov 11, 2017
    2. Mordom
      hey dude can you please add auction house. Thx!!!
      1. Northwind
        Put posts like these in the "Ideas" section of the forums
        Nov 11, 2017
    3. Diamondking1518
      My date of birth is incorrect please fix
    4. Enpin
      This cat of yours does not match the deep (possibly sexy) voice you have.
    5. XxRagingKillerX
      hey i need some help please msg me back
    6. Ironjake88
      Hi, Deci
      I just applied for staff, I'm newer to the server. I'm looking to help people, answer players questions and stopping bulling situations or just doing anything I can do to help. I hope you have a great day, I will mention if I am rejected no problem I will continue to do my best in helping on the server as a normal player! Thanks for your time. Possibly a new friend... - Jake
      1. Ironjake88
        I'm also saving money to donate to the server, I'm sure that will be help to advertisement. Speaking of advertisement I'm telling all the people I know that play Minecraft to!
        Oct 31, 2017
    7. Ayhamb99
      So this is the new revamped GTAMC............ Wondering if TitanMC will get a revamp. imagine
      1. Kodx
        Well, sadly. Most of the staff team said no.
        Oct 30, 2017
    8. Sir_Nemo
      hey i bought i blizzard blast i did just post something bought just thought this is better spot it came but it said to click and drag in inv i did then is dispensary D: any idea's BTW cute cat lol plase get back to me as soon as posible!
    9. CreeperDude720
    10. CapnHookB
      can u help me about a glich?So i joined the server and i used a trial cheat token and then it sayed i have it for 30min but i got disconected after 15 min cuz of my bad conection and when i logged back after hour or two it didnt go away and now i have it forever for some reason.
      1. Tqsteful
        the Admins are aware or this bug. Item should disappear after a while.
        Oct 30, 2017
    11. TastyCakez
      Not to bother you or anything but i posted a staff thread and i don't think it went through can you just see if it did. P.S. im not asking you to be a staff i just wanna know if my post is there or if i need to do it again. Thanks XD
    12. Craftz101z
    13. AirSlime
      Admin When I try to buy thug rank it says to many chargebacks. When I never purchased a thing on this server. So would you please do something about it.
      1. Tqsteful
        private message a Helper.
        Oct 29, 2017
      2. AirSlime
        Oct 29, 2017
    14. Aesirea
      Never thought that I’d see the Deci with an actual cute avatar
    15. KettuuzPvP (-- IGN
      KettuuzPvP (-- IGN
      help me i lose my 2 lunar satffs and m11 and cell phone after i die i got my cellphone back
    16. Devin VanBockler
      Devin VanBockler
      hey i messed up an irl deal, can you take the things i bought and give them to Micro_PVP, i bought a lunar staff and the blizzard gun. my name is VanDamonFire.
    17. tanner lancaster
      tanner lancaster
      hey, question about the staff application. I was wondering where I could fill out the application, for some reason the link hasn't been working.
    18. Northwind
      Hey, I sent an Email as a ticket to support but do not know if I did it correctly. An IRL dealer charge backed on me, I have recording of all my deals and just need to know the date and item that was chargebacked. Thanks <3
    19. tornadobeast07
      when does titan come back?
      1. Ayhamb99
        Titan has been shut down for more than a year now........ Why are you still asking this question
        Oct 27, 2017
    20. Softlyyy
      Please DM me I need help with a payment
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    Apr 10, 1998 (Age: 19)