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Jul 11, 2017
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Jan 11, 2018
    1. Jamppi
      I need the number addres for the server bc the does not work
    2. Y0UTU3ER
      What is the ip ( is an unknown host)
    3. kaspars01
      what version need to play that server
    4. kaspars01
      i cant get in the server plz help me me name is in mc kaspars01
    5. LegendaryBaker
      i got scammed by a player named lewisrocks123 he took from me a diamond chestplate and a helmet he also took 6.5k money in vouchers wich is 1 iron ingot and 1 1 thousand vocher and 5 clay bricks wich is 500 dollars
    6. SirParka
      Ah. After a long twenty minutes, we have found the last beast. A wild MasDaddy is upon us. With his magical application-making powers, he deletes my post on his profile because these exploring blurbs are kind of hard to write. Poof.
    7. Enpin
      Here to advertise for your new app? x3
    8. Bub_Dood
      Yo I bought a prospect rank and a Lunar Staff from the store and I haven't gotten them yet, please help me im getting realy mad at this server espicaly if you guys want to take my money also if you want to talk to me dm me on my instagram @LandonWeaver7 i have about 60 followers
    9. sIasher
      11 74 -23 84 gmzs
    10. wizardjosiah
      hello plz ban honest_raptor and braveazzgameryt they both climb the ranks very fast while scamming and useing prohibited language and they both have admited to scamm multiple times and bousting about it
    11. Emerald_Chanse
      How Come The Server Is Down?
    12. Zombiekiller43
      MasDaddy I got banned for Supposably Irl Scamming Witch I didn't. So here Is what happened. I said I would Buy a guy homie rank but he gave me the stuff first so I took it so thats his fault right check the video he made where in that video did someone use real money to buy something. Please Unban me my In Game user name is zombiekiller43
    13. MaxBoulay8
    14. MaxBoulay8
      sold 2 25k gold bricks to a teller and it got rid of my money
    15. dhc124
      Hey i bought mobster and i dont have a model 11 could u maybe see if i could have one
    16. BabyDuckkie
      IceOnMyWrist__ scammed me by saying that I'll give him 60k for a SR sniper but he scammed me somehow and I got a MSR. Can I have my money back please.
    17. Rapid_Gamers
      Hello, I am a player that played gta since the start, but last update, i had a rank and it was taken from me in this new gta, is this correct? Other players still have their ranks from before. Please recover my rank so I don't consider my money wasten :D Thanks for everything and for the awesome server you manage.
    18. dsp123456
      Thanks for the follow!
    19. aiden
      i just got scamed really bad i was trading a guy my t5 shotty for 120k and it was in the war zone he acpped the trade and than he killed me and i lost it all all the money and the t5 gun plz help me i am crying right now my minecraft name is any1 here and the guy that scammed me his name is camerondylan01 plz help me
    20. G3mini_
      I also lost all my stuff in the enderchest. I had 2 Tier 4 Shotguns, a Tier 4 Sniper, 3 $1000 vouchers, and 5 $100 vouchers
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