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Jul 12, 2017
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Jun 5, 1996 (Age: 21)


Owner, Male, 21

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Wonder what you get with each level? Check out my post; Oct 19, 2017

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Nov 14, 2017
    1. Y0UTU3ER
      What is the ip ( is an unknown host)
    2. True_TNT
      i cant belive this
    3. True_TNT
      I have never found a teir 5 and I see a lvl 1 having two teir 5 snipers....
    4. True_TNT
    5. True_TNT
      I also want to say that I have been scammed on this server and I'm sick of it so please can I become staff
    6. True_TNT
      Pat can I please become a member of the staff I had to do what happened in skyrealms please I just want to make things just please!
    7. The_Eyeless_Immortal
      i can not connect to the server. why?
    8. SirParka
      Explorers, we found it. The mysterious PatP has been spotted flying in the sky of Skyrealms. With this wings made of clouds, he flies through the servers and oversees the land. We have one last member of the species to find, we are almost done explorers!
      1. xItsAgent
        Got em
        Feb 18, 2018
    9. Bub_Dood
      Yo I bought a prospect rank and a Lunar Staff from the store and I haven't gotten them yet, please help me im getting realy mad at this server espicaly if you guys want to take my money
    10. darius
      cant get the texture pack for it
    11. Andrxia
    12. Latewolfgang
      the mystery patp how can I get unbanned for charge back
    13. InnocentWhiteVan
      he;lo pat please hel.p my friend bill cliton told me he would give me a free prostate exma and so i said yes and then he slipp'd something into my anus and i turn around and both his hands were in the air! pleas refund all my olmylpias. thank u
    14. wizardjosiah
      plz ban honest_raptor he took all of my money and used prohibited language he also has admited to scamming multiple times
    15. Crazy
      Hi Pat, i would like to ask of you a little favor... I do not wish to be a nuisance. In the old gta server I purchased the "Jumper"... I would like to ask you to please give me another cheatcode. I do see the fact that this is ba new server, but while purchasing the jumper it said that it was a lifetime purchase and now I am deprived of it. I would really like the Flesh Hook. Thanks <3 crazyminecraft__
    16. The_Eyeless_Immortal
      pat i just spent $65 on a rank and a luner staff and as soon as i did the server started lagging a ton so much so that a cant play so i basically just wasted $65 dollers so can u plz fix the server?
    17. Dididaada
      please tell me how to report
    18. Dad
      Hello I know you will ignore this and not care because money is money and everyone needs it someone has recentry hacked my mine craft acount and is using my PayPal and spending wild amounts of money please I need the money back my in game name is Map2098 u can permanent ban me from this server but please can I receive my money sir if you would like to email me email me at : [email protected]
    19. Aftis
      Pat I need to post u and ask, when this lag goes away cant play only can loot chest please i hope u can fix that out thank you.
    20. Zombiekiller43
      PatP I got banned for Supposably Irl Scamming Witch I didn't. So here Is what happened. I said I would Buy a guy homie rank but he gave me the stuff first so I took it so thats his fault right check the video he made where in that video did someone use real money to buy something. Please Unban me my In Game user name is zombiekiller43
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    Jun 5, 1996 (Age: 21)