Denied Irl scam?

Discussion in 'Player Reports' started by Pleb, Nov 10, 2017.

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    Oct 28, 2017
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    Offender's username:GoKat2015
    Offense/rules broken:IRL scamming
    Date of offense:11/9/2017
    Proof: Okay so a day or two ago I got irl scammed it was denied because my chat opacity was too low. (thank you Kay for pointing it out), but i dont know so if someone can check that would help.the deal is that I give a t5 assault rifle pistol and shotgun for the sniper bundle (also the person says that they will give me 40k b4 it happens)
    Us making a trade
    Us telling each other we have been IRL scammed b4.
    He tells me he'll give me 40k b4 the deal and I give it with the offer after the payment is made
    Told him to meet at bank
    Told him that I would put in a t5 assault because its about equal
    Trade offer (no proof of the trade being accepted except I have 40k now check me for a t5 assault and the other for t5 assault) tbh stupid on my part.
    People telling me it's a scammer. :-:
    My inventory now:
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    Oct 21, 2017
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    The chat is illegible due to the chat opacity along with a general poor quality of the image, therefore it is denied.
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